Sweetest Team Building Event in DFW

The Great Cake-Off

Does your team cut the cake?  Team building has never been so sweet.  Inspired by the recent popularity of cake television shows like Cake Boss and Cupcake Wars, The Great Cake-off has groups battling to create, sculpt, and theme a 3-dimensional cake that best represents their pre-determined theme.  

Imagine your associates in teams, armed with spatulas, icing and cake, whipping up a strong coalition during our Team Building Event.   The Great Cake-off competition has 4 stages designed to enhance  communication, creativity, time management and thinking outside the box.

Stage 1 - Orientation

During stage 1,  individuals are is divided into teams.  At this point the Scribble Cakes Facilitator provides all the necessary guidelines for the challenge.

Stage 2 - Design

Once the Facilitator has provided the teams with orientation, teams have a fifteen minute to design an action plan to be implemented in the Decorating stage.

Stage 3 - Decorating Challenge

Following the planning stage, teams have one hour to decorate their masterpiece based on the goals and objective given in the orientation.   Throughout this stage teams will be given challenges and trivia in order to earn additional supplies that will enhance their design. 

Stage 4 - Finally

During the finally stage,  each team is given the opportunity to offer a compelling argument as to why their masterpiece cuts the cake!   

 Each teams work is then evaluated not only on appearance but their ability to meet the guidelines set forth in the orientation stage.   

At the conclusion of the Great Cake-off, judges select a winning team  - and the sweet feast begins.

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